Know your backer preferences

during and after your crowdfunding campaign

No more blindfolded guessing. Know the true power of data from people that matter.

Data power

Don't wait until the campaign is over to put data to work.


Easily create surveys

Our Typeform surveys are fully customizable. Ask your backers for their colors, sizes or stretch goal preferences.


Automated messages

Any of your new backers will receive a custom message through the platform with a link to the survey.


Analyze results

Launch new stretch goals, edit your campaign if necessary and get ready for next steps and fulfillment.

How it works

Set it up once and let it work for you.

How it works


Let us design your survey or use yours

FAQ are color preferences, sizes, stretch goal ideas or how backers learnt about the campaign. We'll help you make sure it's optimized for replies.


Connect your campaign to our system

From that moment on, every new backer will receive a fully customizable message. Check the replies and communicate with your backers if a follow up is needed.


Check results and take action

Is it worth it to launch a new stretch goal? Should you offer more color options? There's only a way to know: ask your backers, your initial supporters.

The best way of listening to your backers' voices.

The best way of listening to your backers' voices.

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